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The courses that Ann personally delivers are aimed at all levels within the organisation, to enhance their communication skills and to support each person in his or her quest for service excellence.

Courses are delivered both in-house and virtually. They are specifically designed for the needs of the organisation. Initial introductory and planning meetings are valuable in setting the training agenda, course objectives, and agreeing outcomes.

The training programs  are based on the main principle of ‘valuing the customer’ - a theme that is applicable to both internal and external dealings. The training is particularly relevant for help desks, customer support, direct channels, and sales.

Together  with the below offerings, Ann specialisse in developing bespoke programs to meet the challenges of individual issues and needs.


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Customer Retention

Complaint Handling

Customer care: working WITH your customer

Effective customer relations

Dealing with irate customers

Receptionist Training

Inbound Calls 

Refresher courses and updates

management SKILLS

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Conflict Management

Interpersonal Skills

Leadership Skills

- Communication

- Coaching/Training

- Motivation

- Delegation

Team Building & Team Management

Time management

Train the trainer


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Business Development by Phone (Getting the Meeting)

Communication Skills

 - Presentation skills

 - Telephone techniques (Outbound Calls)

Public Speaking Skills

The above courses help you in creating a desired perception through use of positive language, patience and tolerance training, scripting, and the feel good factor. 


Specific areas in which we specialise are :

  • Help Desks (support – technical,  systems, procedures)

  • Customer Service

  • Business Development Units

  • Direct Banking

  • Electronic Banking Support Services

  • Home Loans and Commercial Mortgages

  • Leasing and Lending

  • Credit Card Services

  • Wealth management help desks

  • Sales Support

  • Complaint Handling



The duration of the training program varies depending on the needs of the company and the participants.

Typically we deliver short-term courses of one and 1.5-day duration. We then provide follow-up sessions and Course Titles.

Action-based Learning:

Main objectives:

  • Increased sense of empowerment and confidence

  • Greater self-preservation in handling stressful situations

  • More pro-activity and a positive mindset (enabling participant to enjoy rather than endure their challenges)

  • Motivation, enthusiasm, and pride in the role

  • Enhanced communication and expeditious throughput

  • Improved profile and reputation of the organisation or unit​

Main benefits:

  • Increased awareness of the customer viewpoint

  • New-found self-confidence

  • Conviction in verbal and written  delivery

  • Motivation, enthusiasm, and pride

  • Improved team spirit

  • Enhanced enjoyment of the role

  • Improved coping skills

  • Increased business

Ann’s client list includes;
  • AIB

  • Aviva

  • Bank of Ireland

  • Sparrow Insurances

  • Permanent TSB

  • Rabobank

  • Royal Bank of Scotland

  • AXA

State & Semi-State Organisations
  • Born na Mona

  • Enterprise Ireland

  • Various County Councils

  • House of the Oireachtas

  • HSE

  • National Museum

  • Carr Communications

  • Siemens

  • Munster Joinery

  • Pluto Communications

  • Carlton Hotel Group

  • Osborne Recruitment

  • Monaghan Mushrooms

  • EirGen

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