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Online Training is Effective

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

The classroom is absent, yet the class is present.

The online group training session provides scope for learning. It also affords opportunity for togetherness, shared updates of experiences and challenges and it goes some way to preserving the culture of the organisation.

Working from home can be lonely. It can also be impractical while for some, it is peaceful and/or convenient.

During online training, breakout sessions give rise to common issues, ideas, suggested resolutions, and most importantly, team spirit. Sharing of work practices is motivating.

It’s fulfilling for the trainer to observe a participant from Donegal verbalise current developments or challenges with a colleague in Dublin or Kerry. It’s particularly beneficial when supportive suggestions and alternative approaches are volunteered. A level of camaraderie can be enjoyed. Thank goodness for technology.

It is satisfying to experience increased attendance on the second or subsequent sessions; we know that the training is proving worthwhile.

Some participants are reluctant to turn on the camera, yet it is gratifying when they switch on the microphone and participate.

As trainers, we need to make the online sessions a pleasure rather a pressure, something to be enjoyed rather than endured.

Virtual training is not perfect; however, team leaders, managers and trainers deserve recognition for their resourcefulness; the far-flung attendees warrant a round of applause for their unstinting participation, while we wait in hope for our physical assemblies in the country’s boardrooms and classrooms.

Stay positive and stay safe.


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